Revenue management for golf clubs

Sweetspot is a market leading, data driven, revenue management platform that helps golf facilities around the world reach their full potential.

Golf club features

A full service solution that covers Golf Courses, Simulator Facilities, Driving Ranges and Pros.

Bookings - Web, App and Drop-Ins

Payments - Credit Card, Google and Apple Pay

Dynamic Pricing - Algorithm based on supply and demand

Branding - Choose your own branding in Sweetspot

Prime Time - Fine-grained control over the availabílity of your most valuable tee times

Memberships (B2C) - Set up and sell diversified memberships

Partnerships (B2B) - Set up and sell diversified partnerships

Vouchers & Promotions - Set up your gift cards, vouchers and promotions

Push notifications - Keep your players up to date about everything in their bookings

CRM - Keep track of & communicate with your customers

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Own your customer journey

Make sure that your brand is easily recognisable across all platforms and touch points.

    Some of our customers and partners

    After a thorough and robust scoping process, the Sweetspot platform was the only system we found to have the capability to achieve our business goals. Our aim is to provide customers with the right product, at the right time and at the right price, which will ultimately make the game more accessible and affordable.

    Russell Smith

    Russell Smith

    General Manager of Golf It!

    The engine of any golf course is the reservation software. It is key these days to have software that can provide ways to help increase the revenue of golf courses. Sweetspot has found a very smart way in their solution.

    Lodewijk Klotwijk

    Lodewijk Klotwijk

    General Manager GCAE

    We've worked with Sweetspot since 2019 and together we solved the problems we had with availability and the membership pricing and structure. Sweetspot are frontrunners when it comes to offering consultation and have a complete platform for Hills to reach our full potential.

    Mats Sterner

    Mats Sterner

    CEO Hills Golf & Sports Club

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